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Soulspeak with Inga

Soulspeak with Inga


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Start living from your soul! Inspiration for spiritual living and connecting with the Source. All things twin flame — how to step into your power and go from separation to mission.

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This podcast is a short ancient legend, told in mystery schools throughout the centuries. A story like this is also a spiritual activation, remindeing us of our own journey of initiation, and preparing us for deeper spirals of purification. It is both... more

In this podcast, I will briefly discuss the multi-dimensional nature of the reality, of which the Akashic Records are a part. Understanding this helps us see that in order to shift things at lower levels, at the level of the 3D, it is often easier to... more

Some of the common patterns found in twin flame connections are the desire to either rescue or control the other twin - which in truth is just a reflection of our own unwillingness to go deeper into the shadow, and embrace the parts of... more

In my work, I receive many questions related to twin flames and the ways we can make these connections turn into something that more closely resembles a relationship. This may be possible for some, and long-term out of reach for... more

The world needs the Goddess. She has been hidden for too long, and now is time for the Divine Feminine to rise. But the Goddess is not outside of us, inaccessible and elusive. We, the women of here and now, are called to be the... more

In this episode, I am going to discuss the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and healing, Ha'oponopono. It was introduced to the wider audience by Dr. Hew Len. At the core of Dr Len's perspective is the idea of taking... more

Do you think there is a difference between attitudes to abundance that spiritual people have, and the attitudes to abundance that are more "worldly"? And if so, what might this difference be? In this podcast I discuss my own perspective and... more

In this episode, I will speak about power, and what it truly means to be powerful. Of course, this is a broad topic and we learn throughout our lives how to stand in our power. But many advanced souls have a misconception of what it means... more

Many sensitive souls are struggling in relationships in these times. As we ask ourselves why, and seek to understand the purpose behind the sometimes very deep wounds, we keep coming up with questions that seem to have no answer:... more

After I wrote an article why starseed souls seem to struggle so much with abundance, I received many questions that basically centered around "where do I begin? how can I clear the soul-level blocks?" In this podcast, I wanted to... more