What Your Doctor Won't Tell You!

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You!

Headache Relief at Last

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Sometimes, what your doctor won't tell you, or just may not know, can be harmful to your health and well-being. Let us help guide you toward finding and fixing the true cause of your symptoms once and for all!

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Welcome to our Spring 2014 season! Critical information to achieve long-lasting relief from your headaches, migraines and pain!
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Unfortunately, there is a gross lack of common sense and logic when it comes to making important decisions about our health. This lack of common sense is the fault of both our doctors and ourselves. Long-lasting relief from... more

It's shocking and saddening to hear what many doctors, even well-respected specialists, are telling you about long-term relief from your headaches and migraines! Many recommendations are totally contrary to the current medical... more

There are too many false promises from too many doctors today when it comes to relief from your headaches, migraines and pain. Skepticism is very healthy. I'm a very skeptical person by nature. But, there comes a point when skepticism can... more

Doctors and specialists always seem to want to put you in a category, or "classification", of headache. Are you a migraine? Are you a tension headache? Are you a cluster headache? Are you a daily persistent headache? If finally... more

What many have been told is the cause of their migraines or chronic headaches is just a trigger. Triggers cannot be fixed, only avoided! Find out the differences between triggers and causes and how pinpointing the true cause of your... more

Much of the time, your "diagnosis" is simply a regurgitation of your symptoms. You see, your headache, migraine or pain is never a true diagnosis, but rather the resulting symptom from your true diagnosis, or the CAUSE of your symptoms!... more

Many people mistakenly assume that since I've been a practicing chiropractor for more than two decades that I'm going to recommend chiropractic treatment for your headches or migraines. For those of you who've listened before, you... more

In order to achieve long lasting results from your symptoms, you must first understand and accept these foundational principles. It's only then that the process of achieving true health and happiness can be attained!

It's time for you to take action... NOW!

You know, it's so easy to find someone to TREAT or MANAGE your Migraines and Headaches. But, if you don't know the real, TRUE CAUSE of your symptoms, chances are, you'll never experience long-lasting relief or live Headache-Free,... more