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Up close and personal conversation about the joy and pain of relationships. We have the ability to empower each other.

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Wednesday, August 13th Can We Talk for REAL will be celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Ina, Michelle and Terry Boi would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this first year for allowing us to educate, entertain, share thoughts... more

Just because you have sex doesn't automatically mean you are in a relationship. There are to many people involving themselves in sexual relationships when there true heart desire is a committed relationship and ultimately marriage.Everyone... more

Proud of being a black lesbian, T Miller is dedicated to the community she calls family LGBTQ. She is an activist of the new world taking it by storm with the arts performed her way, she is an author and poet educating minds as she goes... more

Back by popular demand a topic that we see and hear about everyday. Married by day and single by night. Pretending to be this happy couple and attending family functions but secretly meeting dating sexing and paying bills someone where... more

Wednesday, July 31, 2013, Founder and CEO of Sistas Healing Old Wounds, Inc. (SHOW) Veronica ?Roni ?Minter will join CWT4R, co-hosts Ina, Michelle and Terry Boi. Roni an incarcerated woman and former addict began Sistas Healing... more

There are so many people who have turned their backs on church because of the leadership. Tonight were going to uncover the reasons why people no longer place their faith in pastors or religon.

Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Author Imani Evans the founder of Women Healing Women, Inc., will join CWT4R co-hosts Ina, and Terry Boi. Imani has been that tool and guide for women to help transform themselves into dynamic... more

If you attend church, in ministry, have been hurt by the church call 347-215-8985 at 7:30 pm. We will discuss "Church...Is It About Saving Souls Clothes Or Money" Why is their so many collections during Sunday service? Why do people look at... more

Trayvon Martin was not a thug or a criminal. He was a young black man with a bright future until Zimmerman profiled, stalked and murdered him. The nation is stunned by the NOT GUILTY verdict. But now what?? Does Zimmerman just... more

What is marriage? Why do so many shack and live a married life but will not commit to each other? Could it be they have never seen a successful marriage? Why is it people look at marriage as just a piece of paper and nothing else?... more