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Up close and personal conversation about the joy and pain of relationships. We have the ability to empower each other.

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If you attend church, in ministry, have been hurt by the church call 347-215-8985 at 7:30 pm. We will discuss "Church...Is It About Saving Souls Clothes Or Money" Why is their so many collections during Sunday service? Why do people look at... more

Trayvon Martin was not a thug or a criminal. He was a young black man with a bright future until Zimmerman profiled, stalked and murdered him. The nation is stunned by the NOT GUILTY verdict. But now what?? Does Zimmerman just... more

What is marriage? Why do so many shack and live a married life but will not commit to each other? Could it be they have never seen a successful marriage? Why is it people look at marriage as just a piece of paper and nothing else?... more

This is the land of the free and you are innocent until proven guilty. What happens when you are found guilty of a crime you did not commit? Joining Ina, Michelle and Terry Boi tonight will be 2 of the New Jersey 4 and a film director... more

July 3, 2013, CWT4R will briefly open the lines to let the LGBTQ Community express what they feel about DOMA and tthe Voter Rights Law. We will be joined by Esteem Awards Founder and Publisher of, Philip Esteem.... more

What is a good man? What is a good woman? Have we created an image that doesn't exist and that is why many of us are single? Are we being truthful and realistic with our approach? Do we have, what we are asking for? Our opinion... more

Wednesday, June 26 Can We Talk 4REAL, is excited to welcome to the cozy seat Sharon Bridgforth, playwright, poet, activist, singer, performer, public speaker did we miss any? Sharon Bridgforth is a resident playwright and... more

No More Drama…..How do you heal after the hurt? There is no reason to be ashamed. Majority of us have lived through some experiences that would leave people speechless. Even though we made it through, the pain feels like it... more

Jealousy....What Do You Do When It's Those Who Are Close? It's a sad affair when you accomplish something great and those close to you are gossiping, instead of celebrating your success. Let's be honest it hurts like hell.... more

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, filmmaker, writer & activist Katina Parker the creator of ?Truth Be Told? will join CWT4R co-hosts Ina, Michelle and Terry Boi. Katina a visionary in her own right has put together a documentary that will preserve the... more