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You live in fear of truth so you live in the lies.

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   You refuse to listen to anything that has any truth but will listen to the greatest story tellers on the planet that ancient aliens brings to you every week.  I get sicker and sicker every show I watch. Listening to the programming of sickness man has become with out any awareness of a real God excepting all the BULL Sh--. Trump talking about going to Mars. People on ancient rebuilding an idea on evaluation with skeletons. 

   Still pushing their twisted ideas on humans. Trying to use a writing like the Seminarian tablets as truth. Which differ from the Emerald tablets and even different then the newer book of Urantia . Telling humans we are experiments. They have no idea of the truth. Do you want it? I seem to know much more then almost all the rest out there by my actual experience and connections I made. Just proving all their twisted ideas on how they put their truth together. 

   Do you have the courage to sit and try to put the truth together and look at if from you own level then a sick twisted person.  I never admit I am spiritual. I do work within it truth. One would have to know that. I am sure you will run when any truth comes out. Because now you idea or spiritualism , religion will have to change because they both have no truth. 

   The idea being pushed on people is called love. Then compassion is next to that. These adding with the idea of beig able to send unconditional love out to people and thinking that is changing the world. It is but are you looking at the world that is creating . Anyone with truth is welcome to come and try and debate with it. But truly can you say your God is better then mine?  Well Try. I have God and three deities on my side. Why don't you bring any of your aliens friends to. Man needs to watch is the next ten years for the truth