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Adventuresintothestrange1- Sex, good liars and story-tellers make great money.

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       Why are people spending all their money going to UFO conferences, listening to UFO speakers, watching TV specials and video about UFO's. The sudden surge for info on UFO's and aliens is making some people lots of money. It is now spreading to other countries as well. Other countries are willing and starting to expose their UFO information. Why, because they have nothing important to show. 
  Even Putin told what they are dealing with an then asked Trump to tell the truth about 911, and aliens.
NOW  where do we start?
   The idea of what aliens want and need.  The Greys and the Reptilians live differently. Please I don't want to hear there are good and bad aliens. Everything has their own agenda. Every creature has its agenda. Are there good and bad alligators? A race called Human killed out 49 million Native people in only 350 years. Why, Ego and power. But they are still considered good people.

    Please stay with me. I am going to be going back and forth. In the beginning man has always used Gold as it source of power and energy. It was Not like Zecharia Sitchin said it was. Aliens did not come here to make people miners to dig for gold. Let's look at that. We can actually make Gold now. It costs more to make it then what it would be worth. BUT if we can do that now I can tell you aliens could do it a long time ago. If what Zecharia said about aliens was true that they needed gold - everything would be different. It is a lie and sadly many of the so-called great speakers agree with him guess afraid to look at the truth. Which is?  Does anyone person use common sense? 

   Where does religion fit into this? Where does spirituality fit in? Where do morals fit in? Why does killing fit in?  Why Sex, because everything else comes after it.