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Birth, life,love,death and the after life.

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I am going to be talking of my journey to get to where I am now. What makes one a black sheep, what makes one different ? But can one become spiritual here? I will go against everything you heard. 

    I cannot say many people will ever go through everything I did, nor should they want to. I call it the good, the bad and the uglier. At six everything changed to make my life different. Most stories became real to me. Many bad things at almost every level. I am only doing this show for those younger people that think they are lost or will never find the truth. Parents will make sure that never happens, Because they have no clue themselves. 

   If you can hear me - you will hear my truth. Can you remember when you were 4-8 years old. Soul is the most open. What does that mean to a young person? Able to hear the sound current, See the light meet with their spirit guides. Depending on how ignorant your parents are is how much help you will get. I received nothing from my father and mother. All of my friends had no clue to anything. Sadly when I was young, Children were just considred that-  you were not allowed into a an adult conversation or excepted as important input. 

    I already new about spirit at six. Learning what the Beings and guides I was working with were trying to teach me. I am not going into the UFO things heavy.  The year I was born was the most important sighting for the US. A fleet of UFO's went over the White House twice in one week. I want to explain to you why I am dealing with UFO's and spiritualism. Do they go together - yes at one level. When I was 12 I was living in NJ and the park next to me- Hudson country park a ship landed right in the middle but it did not stay there long and took off. It shattered many windows in the buildings around it.