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Are the Ten Commandments really important to our morals?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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I don't want to say to much but if you think the world can move forward without morals you are dead wrong. If people of religion without them think the world will get better are dreaming. If one says they are something  (like religious)they need to prove it to themselves as well as others. 

  But then again what does that mean? You are spiritual? Both words mean nothing without knowing God. Knowing the universe are for people without any truth they except perverted, programmed ideas. Guess they are same people you can tell them the earth is flat and they will believe you. How about you will go to heaven. You will meet God when you die. You are one with God. You are God. You are one with the universe. 
   Guess man believes the lies laid down by Lucifer or Satan. Never mind follow their armies. Why do you think more people are coming into this planet then leaving daily? 
   Are you ready to understand morals and how they came from the Ten commandments. While at the same time thinking people are better then morals now. 
   It is not hard to see man has no morals now. Just look at TV which most people watch. How far do they go with sex, drugs, cursing and abuse? They have to show a Gun, sex, or something perverted in just about every show or  movies.   
   What if there were no laws? The world would not be here. But then again keep changing the laws for the ignorant will only destroy the world in time. 
  . With about 40% of the world following two religions you think it would show signs of something good other then everything but. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Easy attention on sex, drugs, drinking, cheap thrills and then putting all ones attention on other people playing sports. Why not play yourself. Find one that you can. It would be more rewarding and bring a lot of money back to the people.