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Creating a religion, or recreating one. Who created them in the first place?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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I need to talk about two things first today. One why religion and who created them? 

    What was the first religion? It was Hinduism. Before that no one really knows. Two things talk about a race a people. One the Emerald tablets, and two the Sumerian tablets. They are not very accepted by most people. When you talk about religion you are dealing with people's ego and the amount of programming they had. 

   If you asked the average person who created their religion they would probably not be able to tell you. But there are over 2,000 religions and most were created over the past fifty years. 

  Many religions had some form of God also called deities in the beginning. If you tack them back to what ever info they had were always man's twisted idea of what that was. Even up to Moses who abused any truth he had. Becoming the most famous _black magician. His religion went from 10 laws to 20 then 613. (one man). They say he lived for a super long time. 

    Do you know that is a curse.?

  If we move up to the creating of a modern Pope anther ego minded person with even less awareness of truth then his own followers. Man's ego become a power of controlling people. The Bible created out of the same ego of power. Trying to control the mass. Which never worked which always lead more people into creating more religions.