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How music plays a real part of life. Does it really effect you?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Sorry I lsot the first six minutes>> Please listen until it starts. 

I am going to a different place I never went before. Not sure if many people ever did. Yes everyone deals with Music at different levels. What it means to them, how it makes them feel, what it really does for one. Many people sing but why? Many people cannot sing and try and many people wish they could sing. 

   People all through time used music for many different things. It was usually used for ceremony, but then for entertainment as well as healing. Can music really change you? 

I am going into my life with music with all the songs that actually created ideas and truths in my life. How some effected me good and some badly. 

   Does it connect you to the inner worlds? All music come from somewhere and I had a teacher for a few years (he was a Varja master) for about five years. Even that change from just a friendship into a spiritual class. One of the most important things he taught me was how to ride the wave of music. Even people that write music and sing don't even know themselves where it really takes them if they listen  or where it comes from.  It is not just the mind.  

   Some sounds can bring you into the higher inner-worlds, but some can bring you to unknown worlds. They all play a role in your life even if you don't realize it. I would say they can be dormant and still come back many years later with some kind of awareness. Maybe you were not ready to except. They all state in your emotional body and travel to the brain and then out from there. 

   Do you like music well I will tell all the songs and people that influenced me from when I was little.