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adventuresintothestrange Is raped acceptable ?

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Now with the case of Bill Cosby being on TV for months and right now he is walking the street is something wrong? How is in many rape cases in the past year judges letting the rapist goes because he is young and had a lot of respect. Or making excuses for a person because he has a family or now just to old to put in jail.

  What kind of message are we putting out? Tell old people they can go out and rape people, and get away with it. What about free speech? You can say what you want if it is what they allow you to say. Does religion have the right to do what they feel is right over the laws of a state? It is right for a state to make rights over the religious people in the state?  

  If the US allows Muslim law inside the US the woman of the US will lose many of the rights they fought for. So are people -including woman going to site back and lose everyone of you human rights.  The right to form a militia meaning  if the Gov. is not working for the people you have the right to form an army and change it. That is being taken away and  replaced by if you don't agree with the president you are a terrorist. Even groups like Green peace are considered terrorist now. Thomas Jefferson made that part of the constitution and now it has been taken away by who????? Will we lose what is important to the ignorance of a few people that have no morals or don't even know what they are.

  Woman need to stick together. With all the freedom you think you have you are still only a sex object to TV, the movies and almost every add you see. 

 How can sex crimes have a completely different sentence? In man's case the excuse is the woman fault, does age make it right or wrong? Oh they have a family or anything  to get sympathy to go LIGHT on them? Really now?