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adventuresintothestrange/Good aliens Vs Bad Aliens

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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The biggest UFO conference is about to happen in a week. Many of the Big UFO TV and Radio Stars will be speaking. I am sure you heard their stroy many times and if you did not realize it is usually based on someone else's story,  Or a created out of a bad dream.  Even if it sounds good, it will be mostly lies filled with incredible things.99% did not happen or is there any really important proof. Even in mass sightings people can be forced to see certain things. I would like to take to a place of truth. What is it all about. Really by who's idea? 

   What is good for us VS what is bad for us. No the Good aliens are not good for us or the bad are not good for us either. So where does that leave us -with the truth. What are we going to do. Who are you going to listen to too? How do you know the differnce between a Good angel ? Do you ask them their name, then you add that to what you think you know about that angel? I WILL GIVE you a secret. No Being, alien, demon or angel  can say they are God when you are out of your body. They will feed your ego with what ever yo want to hear. Like this is where you want to be , or go. This is what you should do. Or even they promise you anything. Every action you do will always be able to change any outcome. Usually for the worse. Lucifer makes many people  happy on planet earth. But that is it. You can stay in the bliss of hell or how about moving on. 

   Any entity or alien can tell you anything you want to hear. Meaning they can tell you they are who ever you want them to be. Take the Nordics are dressed IN white tall and have Blue eyes, Many percieve them as Jesus or a high angel, they travel with the reptilians. They are also not the tall the whites. MORE tune in.....