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Dangers of living in the real world.

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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If you think you are to spiritual to listen to this then your ego is already to big for you body. Stay in dreamland and see where it leads you. It is not hard to make money but it is even harder keeping it from destroying your spiritual side. There are no spiritual people with lots of money. Even if they donate 10% they need it for a tax write off.  Then the lones talking talk about having everything. What is everything without GOD? 

 People talk about this world calling it an illusion, a dream. others think it is heaven. While man is still trying to figure it all out we are in serious  times and trouble, we have religions, spiritual paths all leading people up a road they truly don't need to travel. Are demons real, are angels here along with aliens. While people worry about their medical wars are in the back of everything.

   People calling all the shootings everything except what they are. Prtending they have no clue to why it is happeniong. Abuse, abdutions at all time high do people really think their truth is important or let's just accept Trumps plains.   People care more about other peoples fame then their own life. People say they are more spiritual then ever=meaning when?Do you think man will ever be givin the real truth about anything. What the space program is really doing what space is about. Then maybe one will find the truth about underground cites and what the rich really care about. It sure is not the middle class or poor people, like they are better.