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Spirituality and Beyond - calling lightworkers and healers

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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It is time for all light workers and healers to prove it. I am talking about all the ones clamming to be that already. If not don't say it.

    The earth is having serious problems. Morals disappearing if any are even still here. Suicide the number one death problem right now. 

Everyone wants to live longer- WHY?  Just maybe afraid to die.

     What does working with light really mean? Can you send a beam of light anywhere ? Can you light up a cave? The Hopi people did many years while they lived underground. If you doubt this check out the recent story about a child in China who can see in the dark.

   It is east to say you are something but then their is producing the proof. To all the so clammed healers - can they heal everyone that comes to them?  Sure a few will get healed. Do you remember the movie where Steve Martin was a fake healer and everyone was getting healed? People will give their power away to someone else.They might get a temporary healing along the way.

     I will get into stage magic and how it affects people clamming to be psychic? How Houdini spent 10 years trying to find a real psychic. I am not saying Psychic abilities don't exist but the way people make money and say it does , is a lie.

I worked with many level of psychic abilities all my life. Sure I was never able to levitate a house or a penny really. I was empathic as well as doing hypnosis. You can say that is very close to being a healer.  My first teacher Kreskin said, it is the power of suggestion. Just like Hitler made his people like him.