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Spirituality and Beyond - The Darkness before the Light

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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I just might lose many of my listeners for this one. The truth about the darkness that no one talks about. I wonder why?

 I just talked about spiritual abuse. The effects of the darkness. I did not say why.  Many spirits are here now. I will not even say good or bad. For most people don't  know the difference. People think if it feels good it is ok. if it sounds good it is ok. If it doesn't feel good it has to be bad and if doesn't;t sound good it has to be bad.

    Without just talking about  religion I will talk about possession and abduction.  How close they are to people. The problems they create.

Different ways of protection. People for help and people not to go to. How money is the bottom for most people getting involved.

   I always say if it coasts more then you can spend without hurting you pocketbook it is not right. If it is more then any other trade you will be ripped off. No spiritual person will try to take more then they truly are worth. I am talking about ego. Then again look hard you will find a real healer.  It will not be very easy though but worth it if you really need help outside of yourself.

   Most people cannot talk about demons for they have no experience with them. I think it is 10 times harder to find someone that is being possessed rather then abducted. Then try to get a spiritual person to help you. 

    Stepping into the darkness is not that hard but stepping out is. Most people saying they are spiritual are afraid to talk about the darkness. Guess you really needed to have experienced it  and stepped out of it to be able to talk about it. If one is still in it they might not know it.