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Spirituality and Beyond -Spiritual or Not- Religious or Not

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There comes a time in ones life when one needs to become what they say they are.  

  If you follow a religion -follow it. You cannot follow something if you make up your own rules.  Religion has many rules, to many 10.  While the Jewish have way to many, Over 560. If people cannot live by 10 simple rules how do they think they can make a better world?

  If you say you are spiritual you need to act it. The way you live your life shows it.  You cannot live something if you don't even know what it really means.

  People talk about God and Spirit and never really experienced it. People want to believe their truth is right while at the same times have no way of proving it.  

   One thing I learned is one thing you should think about. Whatever it is you are trying to prove, the only person that really needs to know it is yourself.  

 Did you ever have real experience with Spirit outside the physical world? If not why not?  For the first time I will go into actual personal experiences in detail.

      People can say spiritualism and religion are different but they truly are the same. People are not who they say they are if they say they are following a path while they are making their own rules along the way. 

  Truly I do not understand anyone saying there are no spiritual rules when everything is under exact rules outside the EGO.  All things in the physical world live by them, even though most people think different.

   Two words they just learned are part of the same thing.  Magnetism and Gravity. Just like a atom is a proton, neutron and electron. It holds all things together in our universe.