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I studied many paths, in the physical world as well as the inner worlds or realms. Spiritualism was my life journey. Searching for truth and God.

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Just doing a half hour show to update people on what is going on. Tune in and ask a question if you need to. But I will give you the latest stories. Including to what I am doing. The idea that alien are not real - really how mnay people today... more

We have the right to carry a gun - by who's say so. Imagine in the old days they said you could not have a gun. If you had a farm or a piece of land you would not for long. BUT you cannot defend your own house - which is your RIGHT. The... more

The big challenge, I dare you to put your truth out there. Let the world know it. Pleae go toe to toe with me. I don't let anything slide. I will liten first before I talk. But do you have what it take to stand for your TRUTH? I want to ask you... more

I will start with what is happening to the world. Are we doing anything about it? I listen over and over to speakers talking about their truth. Trying to get you to believe it. Whether it has to do with aliens, ghosts, spirits, angels, deities or... more

We have over 2000 religions and who knows how many spiritual paths to take. How many Gods or forces do they follow.? Now with aliens coming into the picture lets make them a God as well. Each religion thinks they have the truth.... more

First, what do you want out of life and what do you want out of death? Do you mediate? Do you understand a spiritual exerxcise? How far are you willing to go/ What are you willing to do for it? It is time to learn why you came here... more

If you don't want the truth you really don't need to listen in. If you are ready please do. How many people spend half of their life searhing for a Master or studying under one. Why? I will list the Three most spiritual speakers on this... more

After many years of writing, lecturing, and studying I sadly found out there is very little truth to be found in other people's stories and books. I can only tell you this. I put my life on the line and go against most people's truths. One look at... more

Just released the US actually admitted to a UFO program for years. They are saying it was from 1996 to 2012. Britian is releasing more files they had hidden. Funny a little over a year ago before Tump became president Mr Putin siad he... more

If a person talks about God they will usually add Jesus. Now the whole new age movement uses the word God energy=fource. That they are one with it. Really ? What does that really mean? If you haven't noticed the earth is in the worst... more