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Adventuresintothestrange 1 Love and Sex part 3


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I studied many paths, in the physical world as well as the inner worlds or realms. Spiritualism was my life journey. Searching for truth and God.

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After all this time humans are creating very hard times for everyone, while at the same time destroyng the earth at the same time. Belief in lies, false strories to make better ones. That is not the way it has to go down. What are your... more

First, in the Emerold Tablets it says the truth will destroy the lies in the end. But doesn't say who's end. It could be aliens, demons, or humans. maybe all. The New books of the Bible talks about end times. About false prophets, and the... more

It is 2017 and the years are passing by as we move closure to the destruction of the human race as we know it. There are three main religions and over 2000 more. Most people know about five. How much different are they from... more

Please join the talk about truth and your way of life. Do you think your belief system really helps you? Why? Are you more spiritual then everyone around you? Are you forced to except what science says? Do you believe in life after... more

In a time when everyone is not at rest, finding hard to live day by day, now with a new President and new laws, people are going crazy and getting close to going to war. Our food system breaking down as well as medicines. The worse... more

I will try again to see if my show will run right. Sorry about last week. Guess there is always a problem when you try to get the truth out. I will finish talking about the direction the people of earth are going. Did we become more spiritual over the... more

In a world under change all the time, are we changing for the better? Are we getting closure to spirit? Are we using our abilities wisely? I will talk about 32 of the psychic abilities and maybe even a hundred more. People say they talk to... more

Greetings. I am restarting my shows on Blogtalk because of a few problems with Project Camelot. Not mine but the producers. I will be bringing Guests on including my co-hostSargel18. I will make it so I have time to do a little teaching... more

How many years are passing you by and you still have no clue to why. Why are you here? How did you get here? Where are you going and what will you do when you get there. What do you pray to to? Do you even know. All the programs... more

For many years now people are convinced they have and are talking with GOD. I wonder why ? Because of all the incredible things they are doing? One way is to write a book about. Then to lecture on it.The best way to make money is make... more