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Adventuresintothestrange 1 Love and Sex part 3


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I studied many paths, in the physical world as well as the inner worlds or realms. Spiritualism was my life journey. Searching for truth and God.

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With all the things happening in the world people are still making more problems. Do you remember the good old days. How far back do you go? In the sixties in Virginia there were white and black bathrooms. I could not read and was always... more

How many years are passing you by and you still have no clue to why. Why are you here? How did you get here? Where are you going and what will you do when you get there. What do you pray to to? Do you even know. All the programs... more

For many years now people are convinced they have and are talking with GOD. I wonder why ? Because of all the incredible things they are doing? One way is to write a book about. Then to lecture on it.The best way to make money is make... more

While the world is crashing, people are lossing many things, their belief , their religion, and then being feed someone eles's truth. What is the worst thing that can happen? Losing your child, getting raped, your partner leaving you, getting... more

I will be giving you the latest info on Stardust Ranch weekly or the new name Alien Ranch. The Latest on UFO's in Hawaii. The latest is world destruction which is being pushed under the rug. Then I will be giving the simple way to learn... more

Yes we are traveling a long road. The things that can change is how you travel it. You can drive, fly, walk, or even swim but how far can you really get? Did you ever fly in your dreams? What make one learn to look further? I would say... more

People being feed lies all their life and still to today believing them. Well a few you let go because you are told to but many you hold on to. It time to start back tracking to where the lies started and why people except them. I am not even... more

When one starts looking for the truth they will find most of what they hear is lies. The stories have become real to many people. That is not bad enough more people have to create more lies. Things that most people except are being... more

In a time of so much change people are losing everyting. The sad thing men still think they are important and have the right to do what every they want when ever they want. Like Rape a woman. Sadly the law system protects more then it... more

It is the biggest holiday of the year. Now what? Are you alone? Please call in to the show 516-3871840 after the show 818-570 6200 I have been in a place where nothing mattered. Noting was important and there was no one there for me. Well... more