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I studied many paths, in the physical world as well as the inner worlds or realms. Spiritualism was my life journey. Searching for truth and God.

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Mind, body, soul and ego, where is God? In the middle of a Government shutdown, to a president going to court, during a super strange weather pattern effecting different parts of the world. When the ring of fire has reached a incredible high numbers in area where they don't usually have big earth quakes. At a number higher then a hundred years. Many ares covered with clouds most of the time. Then all the little things that go unnoticed. Nothing is talked about unless it can bring in money. I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT A REAL GOD AND FALSE FOLLOWERS. I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT ALIENS AND DEMONS. Where do you place God in all this? Not sure you know even how to go about doing that, For who even talks about God? Do you know when Russia was doing all their testing with bombs they never cared about the effects on people. Right now children getting many different effects from the radiation. They lets people swim in radioactive waters. Japan will never admit to what Fukushima is doing right now. I am in Hawaii and the real stories are not told here. First, they will not because all the money comes from tourists. If the truth was out there that would change. I see very little good outweighing the bad. Why am I here? Medical reasons. I could do a show on that but that is not where I want to go. Everyday I listen to at least two or more speakers. Only to find the stories are getting better and better. Just like if you go to the book store and buy a new book. It has to be exciting real or not. Even when things say based on a true story - who is telling the story?
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