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8 Signs You're A Starseed...

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Starseeds are said to be individuals who believe they originated from another world, dimension, or planet. I don’t exactly like the premise “originated” because we all originated from the same place, and that place is not considered “Earth”, so technically we would all be considered Starseeds.

But that aside, the chances that you’ve spent all of your lifetimes here on earth is not very likely. Most spirits and souls have lived in/on other dimensions, worlds, or planets during at least some of their lifetimes.

Starseeds are really individuals who have a much stronger attachment to other worlds or dimensions they've lived in, or at, throughout many lifetimes. In other words, they are "spiritual travelers" on a much deeper soul level. 

This can be quite confusing at times because you can experience some things you don't quite understand. For instance:

You can feel pulled to a "place" you can't quite put your finger on. 
You might have a longing feeling that just won't go away.
Sometimes feel out of place, like you don't fit in.
They have a strong desire to do something for the greater good.

But there's more. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you wonder if you might be a Starseed? Listen and find out as I talk about 8 Signs You're A Starseed...

Link I spoke about for the CHI Meditation: http://pxlme.me/giB0VOP9


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