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Hi, I'm Helen Brahms from Cruise Planners and thank you for checking out our radio show! You are probably wondering why you should listen to our show...that is a great question! You will find this show to be a fresh approach to travel. I don't believe in "fluff" and I'm pretty much down to earth. I treat my clients like people, not as someone who is a meal ticket. I bring over 30 years of customer service and over 15 years of Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism experience to the table. I also have a HUGE love of travel. BUT my true PASSION is helping others realize their travel dreams and help them to create lasting memories. When you listen you may hear an accent that ain't from the USA. You would be correct. I was born and raised down under and over a bit in New Zealand and I have been living in the USA for over 16 years. So enough about me and back to the show. Each week we will explore different travel topics and will feature special guests. Our guests will be people in the travel industry and people who have a passion for travel. We look forward to having you listen to our shows and to your participation. If you would like to ask our guests or myself a question about what you have heard then please call us at 760-587-4103. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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Join Helen Brahms from Cruise Planners - Have2Cruise each Wednesday at 4pm PT to hear the latest news and trends from the travel industry. We will bring you guests from the travel industry and those who are professional travelers.
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