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Hatrick Penry

Hatrick Penry

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Obama wants to build 3 new nuclear plants? All I can do is continue to repeat the phrase "mass arrests on an unprecedented scale"...take your pick, cos the other option is continued does of radiation for everyone, cops, soldiers, CIA, FBI, all of you are sharing the same fate. Why can't we work together and unite against this conspiracy and against nuclear power? Did you know we are projected to lose 1.3 MILLION Americans due to Fukushima fallout? We're well past the 75,000 mark now...

I want to inform you of the real situation with nuclear...and it is dire.

As for the trolls, shills, nuclear apologists, Alex Jones and the rest of the 'alternative' and 'independent' media....YOU ARE THE REASON THAT 2 1/2 YEARS AFTER THE MELTDOWNS ONLY A HANDFUL OF AMERICANS ARE AWARE OF THE GRANDIOSE COVER-UP THAT INVOLVED NRC, EPA, DOE, FEMA, DHS, USAID, IAEA, WHO, INPO, Naval Reactors, Admiral Willard AND Admiral Donald, President Obama, GE, Bechtel and many more...

Again, projections show 1.3 MILLION AMERICANS will die from fallout....remember that Chernobyl killed millions...we are going to suffer the same fate and thyroid studies already show this to be true!

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