The Alex Jones Stratfor Connection

Hatrick Penry

Hatrick Penry

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Things are heating up in the facade of an 'alternative' media now that Pete Santilli has exposed Infowars executive editor Molly Maloney as a former Stratfor employee. Now we have multiple sources confirming a connection between Infowars/Prisonplanet and the intelligence firm Stratfor.

Remember that General Stubblebind, a 'former' CIA asset, owns and operates NaturalNews.

And now Mark 'tangy tangerine' Dice is teaming up with Jesse Ventura to NOT talk about Plume-Gate.

Tonight I will hold no punches as I once again bring evidence that points at a massive infiltration of 'alternative' media...I'll even discuss the 'assassination' of Alex Jones....tonight at 8pm Eastern.

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