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I AM AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN-AND RIGHTFULLY SO! CREATING THIS FORUM AS ONE OF THE PROCESSES OF TAKING BACK MY POWER! THE WORLD IS ON MY SHOULDER, THE MAN IS ON MY BACK , THE BABIES ARE IN MY ARMS, CONSTANTLY FACED WITH DANGERS, UNCERTAINTIES, AND UNFORSEEN HARM....THEY SAY JUST TAKE IT, SMILE AND FACE IT...HELL NO! I'M LETTING GO..WELCOME TO AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN'S BLOG TALK RADIO SHOW!!"An Angry Black Woman" is not a "sit by the fireside" and "enjoy the ride" radio forum. Its about the ANGER of a Black woman ...for more reasons than one..Keep in mind why I am here, I AM ANGRY. I am SOOO angry that this show will NOT have a REGULAR schedule, its when I feel like speaking on some sh*t that has made me ANGRY...its whenever about whatever...DEDICATED TO Harry and Harold Robinson, identical twins framed by crooked cops in the MilwauKKKee block, (POLITICAL PRISONERS)...EVEN IF WE GOT TO STAND ALONE...TOGETHER... WE REMAIN STRONG!!! MY VERY FIRST SHOW WAS REMOVED October 22, 2015 BY CORRUPT THIRD PARTIES, I HAVE A PIC OF THE SHOW ITS TITLE AND THE FACT IS WAS THERE! THEY B LISTENING! BUT I WILL RECAP THAT SHOW N MAKE IT BETTA THAN B4, just wanted the WORLD TO KNO

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Lamar Odom divorce disappears under mysterious circumstances and Khloe Kardashian is looking more and more like your modern day Klansman, she now has banned contact with Lamar's REAL family, is there a payoff by the... more

On May 9, 2013 a plan to murder and/OR remove the first male heir and frontrunner of the late great Malcolm X was completed BUT the holes in the horrific events that took place on that date will astonish you! Hear the FACTS...... more

MEETINGS IN THE LADIES ROOM...BDR Report (Bad D#@K Report) V10 The Pimp IS the Hoe ...why "these" hoes be winning??? ladies talk, men are allowed BUT grab some tissue..u might cry foul.....

Before there was Jahessye there was baby Jesse, a little Black boy created through rape by a Ugandan immigrant, snatched out his mother's arms violently in Milwaukee, and sold to the rapist, its been 3 years since his disappearance.... more

Are you or aren't you aware? Does Satan want YOUR soul, and is the music and musicans your're listening to taking it there? Are these facts or fiction AND are you practicing the luciferian religion?

Flaunting their allege desire to boycott anyone who promotes wearing fur-why PETA & sooo many celebrities concerned about animal cruelty is FAUX-and how what you will hear may just make u just as outraged..join me on this day as the... more

Within the scriptures can be found the following verses relating to the “wicked woman” and the “strange man”; “All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman.”…..”Bring a stranger home with you and he will start trouble, and... more

Their political animal is the donkey, but the question remains, who's really the "azz" in this matter? The facts are the facts, what you should know about the 'democrat' in particular if your "Black”. The conditioning of the warped mentality'.... more

we are talking uncensored from love to luntics Live talk with a stallion, come along for the ride....

As if Vi'agra doesn't constitute a magic trick, the things some men are doing to "compensate their short comings"… Ladies talk but men are not excluded, even the ones who do "this"....
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