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Harold Reimann

Elijah III


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Democracy is defunct! You dumb barstards have even voted in a CURSE! A Niger! A stranger. God has said never to have a stranger rule over you (Deut. 17:15). Our ancestors the Israelites were never so stupid as to do that! But you are great sinners and for your sins God has given you this curse. The tail becomes the head and you become the tail (Deut. 28:42-44)! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if BO makes a deal with the coming Unholy Roman Empire led by Germany (who else?) to do us white Israelites in! The Nigers get the South, the wetbacks get the SW and the Germans get everything else! You need to quit trying to save America. You are kicking against the s (democrats). You are wasting your time. You should be trying to save yourselves. That's where I come in. You need to repent but you don't know what to repent of. SIN - the transgression of God's laws (I John 3:4). We are to live by every word of God, that means the Old Testament too! Let's just look at the 10 Commandments. You have put Baalzebub/Beelzebul before the real God by going to Satan and his agents the doctors for healing and prescription drugs. God says to go to Him for healing (James 5:14). And so you are cursed with 2 trillion a year and you are sicker than ever and the insurance companies are going belly up. 2nd Commandment. You don't make graven images unless you're a Catholic but you have pictures of a long-haired, effeminate fink of a false Christ when God says long hair on a man is a shame (I Cor. 11:14)! You take God's name in vain every time you swear by it in court. God says swear not at all (Matt. 5:34) The courts know that even if you don't and give you an out to affirm instead of swear. Then you take God's name in vain by using nice cuss words, euphemisms, like gee, golly and gosh. But let's go on. You forget the sabbath instead of remembering it by keeping it on that whore's day, The Roman Catholic Church's day, because you Protestants are her harlot daughters! [the rest on my page]

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Have God in your living room from Genesis to Revelation.

Listening to Him from Genesis to Revelation

Listening to Him from Genesis to Revelation

Have God in your home to talk to you. Read the Bible. Few do. So I will go thru it with you.

Still have to finish What Is Truth?

It's not what you think.

It's not what you think. History of the True Church

It's only on my page - http://eli3.tripod.com

It's not what you think!

Review of Elijah III, coming prophet, US and BC in Prophecy, Doctors, Satan's Agents, Fasting for Healing and Herbert W. Armstrong.