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Harmony Keys

Harmony Keys


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Are you looking for harmony in your relationships? You've come to the right place. Try Dr. Joan's practical advice to help solve your relationship dilemmas. Based on years of experience with family, work, and volunteer groups, Dr. Joan offers solutions which may help unravel the most tangled webs of misunderstanding. Dr. Joan also reads from her new historical novel: "Gra Im Thu! I Love You!" a story of two Irish families who learn to live harmoniously amidst their diversity.

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Are you a leader who conducts meetings with your committee or your work group? Do your meetings run too long? Does someone in your group dominate or disrupt the meeting? Is there time wasted with bickering? If you want to increase... more

Welcome to Harmony Keys! Thanks for stopping by to hear about relationship issues that affect all of us at one time or another. Calling someone a Dumb-A, or any unattractive label, is a form of passive abuse. If another person pins a... more

Let's say you've had a disagreement with a co-worker and the two of you are not speaking to each other. Or perhaps your husband told you he would be late for dinner and when you asked why he gave a reason which disappointed you. An... more

We all have addictions of one type or another. Sometimes we try to hide our addictions from friends and family. We may pretend to be one way in front of others, but then we act another way when we are alone, engaging in what we... more

When we experience a sudden loss such as the death of a loved one, or a grave reduction in finances, or any other catestrophic change in our normal, familiar circumstances, we will endure the pain of grief. Have you experienced sudden... more

Addiction comes in a myriad number of shapes and forms. It hides behind the many names we give it. But we know it by the face it shows to us in any relationship. Are you in a relationship with an addicted person? What happens in... more

Have you ever run into a situation where another person plasters a label on you? It feels like you've been branded, doesn't it? To make matters worse, if someone you love does it, you may feel hurt and wonder what action to take. In today's... more

Do you find yourself saying ?I'm bored!? to your spouse or partner? Are you easily frustrated with your children or friends? Is sadness a feeling you know too well? Would you say that you are fulfilling your dreams? Whatever your... more

All right, it's confession time. Let's hear your answers to these questions: Are you a person who drifts into sadness more often these days? Do you find yourself easily becoming angry or upset with co-workers? Has your supply of friends... more

Are you seeking ways to rekindle your marriage or other long-term relationship? Do you want to find that spark that used to magically light up the room when your partner looked at you? Listen today as Dr. Joan talks about three check points... more
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