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A variety network that features shows that talk sports, parenting, technology and drinks and food.

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Todd's back! And despite the horrid box office numbers, we've even got movie news to go with him! Calendar release dates, Star Wars director news including a current(ish) location of Boba Fett, comic book news galore, a new DIE HARD... more

Interesting things this week. DC Comics seems to know what it's doing on television, but not so much in theaters. Joss Whedon in hot water with... women? And it's not a hot tub. (Well, it might be and therefore...) Spiderman... more

In this week's story, we follow another young man, into the depth of the Earth, where everything is not as it seems. Please enjoy the short story "The Shaft" by Rob Steele.

Rob and Todd return to punish - oops, wrong verb - to entertain you with movie news, previwes, and reviews. Tomorrow's total eclipse in in the U.S. has us in a Bonnie Tyler kind of mood, so we'll talk about other eclipses for a bit. Total... more

I know. I know. We weren't here last week. Let us make it up to you by bombarding you with TONS of movie news ranging from James Bond to Justice League to Transformers to... the Blues Brothers? Not a new movie, but... more

The fallout from Comicon and news we didn't get to last week ranging from Young Justice and Justice League to Thor and the Infinity Gauntlet to Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Terminator, James Bond, Bloodshot, Barbie, and Charmed.... more

This is that show that lets you know that it's not just you, the world has actually lost its collective mind as evidenced by teenaged cops, chocolate milk cows, algebra, Twitter and even the concept of a "Mustache News" segment - yeah,... more

In this week's story, we have a romantic interlude about the values of marriage. Give a listen to The Dream by John King. www.2PagesProject.com

In case you've been living under a rock, The San Diego Comicon was this week and there is so much movie news going on, we can't even organize it like we normally do. We've got news from Robocop to Robotech, X-Men and Avengers... more