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Romney Is Going To Win This Election.

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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It's Mitt Romney vs Ignorance and Want. 

IMHO, predicting a Mitt Romney win is like predicting a Sunrise. However, my confidence in that prediction (and the Sun) will not make watching the so-called "Main Stream Media" as they squirm, lie, edit edit edit, insult the intelligence of viewers and voters everywhere-as well as the voting process itself, abandon all notions of being truthful, open and unbiased, belittle opponents and competitors as if that behavior itself doesn't belittle oneself-visibly, attempt re-write after re-write of the "narrative"-(which in this case become "Narratives") any less interesting and fun to watch....sigh..long sentence huh?

It's sort of like watching the worst foreign policy disaster since the Tet Offensive unfold while being told by members of Government AND media that it's just a bunch of silly ole' Muslims getting pissed about a 14 minute trailer on youtube that makes an infomercial from vacuum cleaning legend David Oreck look like Marlon Brando in "On The Waterfront"....haha nuther long sentence..

Plato describes ignorance as "the greatest of diseases" and says that "the excessive love of self is in reality the source in each man of all offences; for the lover is blinded about the beloved, so that he judges wrongly of the just, the good, and the honorable, and thinks that he ought always to prefer himself to the truth"-(Phaedo)

[It's difficult to understand how people today deliberately refuse to look at what is actually happening in the world, believing the lies and distortions their leaders tell them. With a straight face political, religious, economic, and media figures tell the people that black is white, war is peace, lies are truth, joblessness is economic recovery, ignorance is intelligence.]

The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.