Three Days Of Democrat Convention Ether, Won't Be Enough.

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Hanlon Razor

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What a mess! There's not enough text character space in a blogtalk write-up to name all of the inaccuracies stated by Democrats at this charade they called a convention. Suffice it to say that God is love, and John Lennon said "All you need is love". Meaning, the Democrat party of today is nothing like what they once were. Now, they're a party who has officially shown the entire world they are against God, Love, and John Lennon. Nice going dems, you really screwed up this time. And oh btw, Obama's speech was an absolute snorefest. Not even having the soundtrack from "Debbie Does Dallas" playing behind him would've helped. But, I'll try to play it anyway in the replay. It might help you and me.... 1 877 497 9066 ...I'm Hanlon Razor. This is The Mancave Radio Show.