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So I called the Bards Logic Political Talk show and, pfffft.

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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I asked the hosts/guests-(it was tough to tell who was who due to horrible sound quality)-I had one simple question. After asking it the reaction I heard was not shocking, but it was a little surprising to me. Still laughing about it now as a matter of fact. I asked the hosts/guests, who were all Newt Gingrich and/or Ron Paul supporters, who they would vote for when Mitt Romney officially is nominated by Republicans at the convention this week. I asked this one simple question because they were on their "show" saying Newt could still win this thing-talk about delusional-keep buying those lotto tickets too huh?Anyway, they yelled, joked, and claimed the most surreal things in some kind of clumsy unison, and then the clincher. They were certain that I worked for Mitt Romney, said I was "a professional" lmao, and that Mitt is "paying me". They muted like fascists, hung up like communists and went on with the most insane conspiracy theory about a freaking caller that I've ever heard. If they podcast it's all there unless they edited by now. I used my real radio name-Hanlon Razor-so if you find the podcast, enjoy the best 10 minutes of that show's history on me ;) Oh man, these clowns sounded as bad as the insanely irrational rhetoric coming from OWS protesters, NBPP members, democrats in congress, Obama himself, y'know radical scumbags. So, in conclusion: If you vote for Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or ANYONE other than Mitt Romney in this election, then in my world-you are voting for Barack Obama. That's it ladies, and I use the term loosely, stick your ideology-which is not so different than Obama's- up your arse. Reasonable people are awake now, we're taking control of this thing, and you freakish crybabies who are nothing but hypocritical, misinformed, delusional children posing as self-proclaimed constitutional purists, can kick and scream all you want, you're dust deal with it.  877 497 9066