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Progressivism. A living lie.

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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So, last night I called a progressive show called "Progress Toward Democracy". I asked the 3 hosts if they could define 'Democracy", they failed in their attempts to do so, even though I let them think I found their answer satisfactory (aptly demonstrating their gullibility) I then asked what form of government we have in the USA. The response was a frightening combination of arrogance, ignorance, a lack of accurate self-perception, therefore, also a complete lack of an accurate perception of reality itself.They first assumed that my question was the result of "something I must have read". Is that classic liberalism/progressivism or what? I mean, far be it from me-A CONSERVATIVE-to be able to conjure an original thought-yes of course, my debate and challenge of you could only be the product of something I read. Yes, it's only you the liberal/progressives who possess the ability of original thought.Such arrogance, such self-deceit, such a folly of fools. Repeating history as unwitting useful idiots of the west, living proof of the failures of a union-driven public education system.Progressivism is a living lie. It's existence made possible by intellectually lazy, apathetic, pompous, ignorant, liberal/progressives who think they know everything and actually know very little, and understand even less.One last note; like most liberal/progs I hear on blogtalk, the moment these 3 genius' didn't like what they heard, they cut me off. So much for having your progressive views being strong enough to stand up to fact or debate-you fascists must REALLY believe your own BS huh? They say--"Call us" at such&such number--then they hang up when you disagree with them, awesome show guys...not. What they should say is "Call us if only if you comply with our kool-aid filled ideology, otherwise we'll just hang up on you because our arguments are so weak they can't stand up to fact-based debate.