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98 Piles of poop in the hall.

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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Other Self--"Yes. Really Hanlon. They're really that stupid."
Ok I guess I can't argue with my other self any longer about it.
They think, speak, and vote just like they drive, which is obviously quite absurdly. Why? Because they can.
That's right,  I'm talkin' to you.
Because they can; They believe in the warm, bright comfort of fantasy, and go to it like so many moth's to a light. While, because they can, rejecting the sometimes darker and colder reality that surrounds them, and run from it en masse and in fear, like prey from a predator.
Far too many of my fellow voters, and far too many a jury of my peers have become the race of "thin,bony-faced psychopaths" author Tom Robbins warned about. 
Forgive me for asking you America, but are you about to try and sell me anything you have? Which I know, is really nothing. Or are you wanting to kill me over anything you don't understand? Which I know, is everything. 
Maybe Tom Robbins was right all along. Maybe I should have just told people from the start that I was actually a black-lesbian woman trapped inside the body of a white- heterosexual male. That way I could've been saying all the stuff I've wanted to say, but haven't, due to the thought control police of political correctness, without being seen as being sexist or racist. 
Oh well, as a partially deaf friend of mine used to say...
"Ith sthooo-mate-nmoww ma fwend"