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Sorry people, I have to do this.

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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After listening to a few absolutely unbearable, backwards thinking, fear driven, socio/psycho-pathic voices from our friends in the think -tank known as "progressive politics" a.k.a. "Ignorance" and "Want", on a show called "realbrother radio show" here on blogtalk; well then, anyone that knows me also knows that even I have a threshold. Yes that was an incredibly long run-on-sentence.Because I know you lefties love free stuff I have a free 800 number for you to call. 1 877 497 9066. Unlike the spineless fool  I heard who calls himself a radio host , I DO have a chat room. I'm not afraid of reasonable argument and debate. Apparently he is though, hiding with no chat, doesn't take a call that points out one fact without shouting over the caller or hanging up and calling them stupid. Who does this moron actually think he's fooling? He certainly isn't about to fool me or the far majority of my listeners I know that much.I've been curious why there's not much activity on the "progressive" side of the politics section on blogtalk. Maybe I found one of the answers today. Friends, if this guy at 'real brother radio' is what you have to offer then God help you.Everything this desperate, weak-minded, myopic fool sees is through a prism of racism. The kind of ignorance  that has MLK  and FD turning in their respective graves I'm sure. I know it sucks when someone comes along and pulls your head out of the sand you've been "protecting" yourself in for so long. It's cold out here sometimes, it's work, it's hard work. It requires guts, honesty, strength, a willingness to admit that you might be wrong, very wrong about many things. That's how we roll as conservatives for the most part. Conservatives of all colors and religions.  Let's see if a bounty is required to find reasonable, fact-based debate in here.