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It's the people who VOTED for you that are stupid. Clear?

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Hanlon Razor

Hanlon Razor


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No, no, Mr. Obama it's not you who most of us think is stupid. It's the terribly gullible, mis-informed, kool-aid drinking suckers you call democrat voters who most of us think are stupid, and I mean, really stupid. 

Oh sure, it takes a little know-how to put on a 2yr sales pitch with lots of biased network help, and about a billion dollars of support behind you to come in for the big win. Yes, one must have SOME ability to read a teleprompter and be a good mullah for the cause of statism/socialism. Certainly one must have ability (abilities of a vulture) to willingly lie and be a "Manchurian" candidate. Let's face it, you haven't really DONE anything except campaign, (with about 75 golfing breaks and a few vacations mixed in-a few being like 20).

No, you're not stupid Mr. Obama. Alas, nor are you as smart as most of the clowns you've surrounded yourself with would have you believe. I advise you to review the history of Mao(again), who similarly surrounded himself with "yes-men" just before a grain shortage that starved millions.

It's mid April and snowing outside, can't wait for my next over-priced, over-produced "green energy" ad from GE, errr, I mean from me, the taxpayer.

800 number is up for anyone wanting to call.