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the place where addicted/alcoholic people can feel comfortable to discuss 12 step related solutions to their drinking and drugging problems

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Episode #56: We in the program who do our best to carry the message and put ourselves out there for the next suffering addict/alcoholic know what it is. What can be done for someone who is on the proverbial fence? Why is it that... more

Episode #56: Instigate, Agitate, Educate, and Liberate! Joseph D's "mission is to unite organizations,support groups, and everyone else who needs a helping hand." His blogs offer a interesting look into the impact that drug and alcohol... more

Episode #55: after a two month long hiatus, the HMR internet radio show is up and running again...Oliver V. is your host tonight...we will be talking about relapse...going back out again has always been a talking point on this show, and... more

Episode #54: Actually, what is a bar against all information and never ceases to keep a person in everlasting ignorance is a person's pride. The most glaring and dangerous of all manifestations of self, pride is what kept us from accepting a... more

Episode #53 Most of our drinking careers were charicterized by a series of highly destructive events, usually perpetuated by our own sick behavior. Our troubles were of our own making. Now that we have been sober for a strech, we try our... more

Episode #52: Before approaching a prospect for this program with the 12 steps, we must be armed with facts about ourselves. What makes us alcoholics and drug addicts? What is it that seperates us from the average, temperate drinker? What... more

Episode #51: In our active addiction and alcoholism we ran from the truth and avoided reality at every turn and oppurtunity. Consequences we ducked and skirted until tragedy and oblivion ultimately came our way. With nothing left to... more

Episode #50 To celebrate our 50th episode we will have a special guest on the show with us tonight. Kenney was there for the beginning of the HMR social media profile in July of 2008. He participated in the blog's and made valuable... more

Episode #10: Now that we have finished our personal moral inventory and shared it, what do we do? Do we ceremoniously burn the list? Do we thank God from the bottom of our heart that we know Him and ourselves better? Some people make... more

Episode #49: Like the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions were born out of bitter experience, strength and hope. Our history has shown it necessary that the fellowship follow guidelines, much like the individual member does. For, without... more