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Arizona vs. United States
On 4-28-2012 the US Supreme Court released Audio recordings for that week. On Wednesday 4-25-2012 U.S. Supreme Court heard SB 1070, Arizona's Immigration Law, the Justices have been asked to decided the constitutionality of the law.
The issue before the high court is whether Arizona has the authority to enforce its own immigration law or whether that is the exclusive role of the federal government or if state have the right to defend their border.
"Before you get into what the case is about, I'd like to clear up at the outset what it's not about. No part of your argument has to do with racial profiling or ethnic profiling, does it? I saw none of that in your brief," said Chief Justice John Roberts. "OK, so this is not a case about ethnic profiling."The Justices seemed target the tough questions at U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.
Justice Anthony Scalia wanted to know why Arizona shouldn't have the right to protect its own border.
"Are you objecting to harassing the people who have no business being here? Is that... surely you're not concerned about harassing them. They've been stopped anyway and all you're doing is calling up to see if they're illegal immigrants or not," said Scalia.Justice Sonia Sotomayor seemed to have a difficult time grasping the U.S. government's argument in regards to immigration enforcement.Sotomayor said, " I'm sorry... I'm a little confused. General, I'm terribly confused by your answer. OK? And... I don't know that you're focusing in on what I believe my colleagues are trying to get to."
The Supreme Court is expected to make an official ruling on SB 1070 in June