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Climate Engineering, Weather Wars & Aerial Spraying: The Clues Exists Above You

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The Hagmann Report

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We’ve all seen it. You awaken in the morning and are greeted by beautiful clear, cerulean blue skies. There’s not a cloud to be seen in the sky above you. As the day progresses, you notice the crisscross patterns of white “trails” in the sky, hanging, there, forming a barrier between the sun and the ground. Soon, the clear day turns into an overcast mess of less defined, milky, ropelike strokes of… what?

If you like the “average” person, you attribute the soupy mass of atmospheric obscurity to routine aircraft travel combined with normal cloud formation. After all, what else would any sane and rational person think? Asked differently, what sane and rational person or group would intentionally muddy the sky above us with a toxic mix of chemicals that shortens lifespans, causes deforestation, and modifies weather? The answer is that no sane and rational person or group would do such a thing – but the maniacal globalist powers are neither sane nor rational.

Despite the damning evidence appearing in the sky directly above us, too few will admit that something is amiss… that we are not being told the truth about what we are seeing being “engineered” in the sky. Most will write off their observations to the normal “contrails” of commercial aircraft, and others, well, just don’t even seem to notice – or care. Still others will mock and ridicule those who question the obvious.

The questions now becomes these: What is taking place in the sky above us? Is there some type of aerial spraying taking place designed for a purpose that the average person is not being told?

The answers might surprise many, but will definitely upset the way that you look at those clear to muddied skies from this point forward. The ONLY requirement is your intellectual honesty that would allow you to objectively look at the evidence that will be presented tonight.