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Living Everyday Life is here to share information and resources to empower and push people to not just get through life, but experience and Live It! Join us Mondays at 9pmEST for a Mic and a Moment with Minister JB.

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Tonight we discuss, Seasons Change. There are some things in our lives that have spoiled because we refused to let it go once its season had passed. We are eating fruit that used to be sweet, but now has soured and is causing us to... more

Tonight we discuss, There Will Be Storms. Storms do come. It is an absolute fact that in this world there will be trials and tribulaions. As believers we must know that the greatest evidence of who our God is, will be measured in how... more

Tonight we discuss, Be Inspired. As we look around we are surrounded by so many awesome things that verify the presence of the Almighty. These things were not left accidentally; they were left to inspire us to keep reaching. Join us... more

Tonight we discuss, Tailored for the Task. Whenever great things have been accomplished or achieved, most of the people who were responsible for the outcome never knew that were creating monumental success. They were more... more

Tonight's show, From a View to a Visitation. Zaccheus climbed a tree to see Jesus. After he came down, Jesus told him that dinner would be served at his home. What are you willing to go through to see Jesus. Climb your obstacle and... more

Tonight's Show, A Time to Forget Things. There are some things that have happened in our past that God has already forgiven us for, but we are paralyzed by the very thought of it. Tonight we will have a ceremony for those things... more

Tonight we discuss, Being Sought After. Have you ever been sought after? God seeks after us and desires a love relationship with you. He longs to listen to your voice, dwell in your praise, and walk in your dreams. Join us Mondays... more

Tonight we discuss, Relentlessly Reaching for Righteousness. The enemy is not intimidated, impressed, or moved with us starting a task. Because too often we start a task on fire only to allow it to dwindle before we make it to the half way... more

Tonight we discuss, Resurrected After Being Rejected. It is our very nature to want to be accepted. We style our hair, clothes, and homes in the fashion of the popular crowd. We desire the things that make others notice us and we feel... more

Tonight we discuss, A Missed Opportunity. Often times we are more impressed with the invitation that we never attend the party. We have to do more than just RSVP, we have to prepare and show up to what we are called to. Join us... more