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Living Everyday Life is here to share information and resources to empower and push people to not just get through life, but experience and Live It! Join us Mondays at 9pmEST for a Mic and a Moment with Minister JB.

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Join us Mondays at 9PM EST.
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Please excuse the techncal difficulties. This is the message portion of the show, Dare to be YOU.

Tonight we discuss, Dare to be YOU. When who you are conflicts with who you are believed to be, there will be adversaries. People will not always readily accept the changes God has ordained in you but you must nevertheless allow their... more

Tonight we discuss, Talking to Yourself. There are some things in traditional society that have gotten a bad rap when viewed from a spiritual standpoint. Many people are thought to be crazy when they talk to themselves but know that... more

Tonight we discuss, Destined to Fail? Not too many people want to hear that there are some who are destined to fail. They will not take heed to the message of the Lord, nor will they submit to the will of the Lord. Well when one... more

Tonight we discuss, Forced to Trust Him. There are times when we find ourselves in a place or position that causes us to totally have to trust God. It is in these times we learn more about ourselves and our God. Be careful though... more

Tonight we discuss, Paralyzed for Judgment. There are statements and conversations that we must be careful not to engage in because the judgment of God is certain and serious. Join us Mondays at 9PM EST.

Tonight we discuss, Finish the Race. There are some tasks that do not merely need completion for their own purpose but rather the other purposes that they unleash. Future successes are heavily dependent on how we respond to what is... more

Tonight we discuss, Touched by the Master. In a world where people spend billions of dollars a year for makeshift remedies and temporary fixes, it is refreshing to know that there is still healing in the Master's touch. Tonite, like... more

Tonight we discuss, Understanding That Place from Which We Fell. The Bible declares that all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Minister Brown tells a story of seeing a boomerang for the first time. The man holding it tossed... more