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GYST Radio is a resource for all information on the business of art, hybrid careers and other DIY strategies for a successful career in the arts. We believe that artists should define their own careers on their own terms, and we provide the necessary tools and resources for doing so. We have great resources for artists (see below) but this radio broadcast concentrates on DIY artists, independent curators and arts organizations that support artists. Instead of waiting to be validated by a "gate keeper" come and find out strategies for doing it yourself here. We also post relevant content from other providers, so enjoy.

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Dan Godston, President and founder of Borderbend Arts Collective which mission is to promote the arts by giving artists opportunities to collaborate and show their work to a variety of audiences. Eighth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival -... more

Lisa McDonald, President and founder of Research Explorers has over twenty-five years of research, marketing and strategic planning experience, and has been a member of Diasporal Rhythms for eight years. Diasporal... more

In honor of Chicago Artists Month "In your neighborhood" theme we are inviting Chicago based arts organizers to "share their story." Today we speak with Patrica Larkin Green, Chair OpenWall Committee. The 47th Ward OpenWall... more

In celebration of Chicago Artists Month we are hosting a series of interviews with local community leaders. Today's interview is with Bill Moran, a member of the 47th Ward OpenWall Chicago and chair of the sub-committee project that is... more

Interviewed on the show is Aurora Tang from High Desert Test Sites, discussing the history of the organization and the recent receipt of non-profit status after a decade of programming. High Desert Test Sites (HDTS) supports experimental... more

Conversation with Kirstin Van Cleef, project manager of Scottsdale Public Art and IN FLUX in Arizona. IN FLUX Cycle 4 brings together eleven organizations representing eight Valley cities and towns seeking local artists to create... more

Guests on the show are two core members of Thank You For Coming, Laura Naguera and Blake Besharian. TYFC is an artist-run restaurant that is home to an interdisciplinary artist residency program. Each month, a new artist is selected... more

Conversation with Alpha Bruton, art consultant and chief curator of Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. The Phantom Galleries are temporary exhibitions spaces that matches artist-seeking places to display their work in non traditional... more

Conversation with Cherri Lakey co-founder of Phantom Galleries in San Jose. Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design gallery. KALEID Gallery, a community art gallery featuring 60 plus artists from the South Bay region. South... more

Artists/collaborators Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter will discuss their on-going curatorial project CAROUSEL. CAROUSEL is an exhibition experiment. It is a venue on a turntable. It is a nomad. It is an anachronism. Surpassing... more
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