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"Shines the Light for Others!"Real Talk Radio"Interviews with many who are respected and make a difference in helping others.Uplifting, Inspiring and bringing new understanding to the world of the Unknown with A series of shows on the Mysterious, Paranormal,As a respected Clairvoyant Spiritual Counselor an "energy medicine practitioner" for 30 years she has worked with those in all walks of life and beliefs. As a life coach she assists in bringing new understanding arriving in the clients life and the changes needed to become more in harmony, instilling new understanding and confidence to assist in understanding . As a wellness coach, she enjoys sharing her NDE with Health Care Professionals on dying and sharing the pain control techniques she became of aware of while going through this most mysterious event.

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As earth approaches 2012, it also approaches the time of The Next Portal, a moment during which the great archangels wish to start evolution over from the beginning. Morgan, a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, will find out her true heritage... more

Author, Evelyn Klebert has a new novel set entirely in the city of New Orleans entitled "The Sanctuary of Echoes." "In New Orleans, the City that Care Forgot, in it's City of the Dead, a love story unfolds; tearing across time, across realities,... more

Join me for a wonderful show with Musical Artist Jim Eaglesmith. He conducts drum circles, chanting, singing and performs many times for Tibetan Lamas, Buddhist Monks and other Spiritual Leaders. He currently has a wonderfu DVD... more

Is back to give us a peek at the sky and the energy that is arriving and how it can potentially effect our signs and Relationships. Don't miss this show! Sign up as a listener of the show add yourself as a friend so you can use the chat room also

Join us a we continue our journey on the Red Road What is MEDICINE? Ways to work with Medicine. What was the roll of a Medicine Man or Medicine Woman in their village? Some wonderful music by CARL TWO FEATHERS AND... more

Travel with us on the Red Road as we talk about the Native American Medicine Way, the Environment with Carl Two Feathers.

Join me with one of the Hottest Astrologers out there! Zoe has a wisdom that is unique when it comes to Astrology and how it effect your life. Zoe will share her journey to the Sun Moon and Stars...and much more..

May 26th is My New Birthday Travel with me to the Other Side as I share the journey of my Near Death Experience.. Be in Light
The Gypsy Deva Show

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Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 DEVA The Gypsy Deva Show is one of the featured shows in her new soon to arrive Deva Whispers Show which will feature a diverse show segment which includes her popular Midnight Fantasies... more
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