Sistah Remy, The "Seer," as "The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed," ch. XVI

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Won’t you join us to welcome oour very first “Seer” in Sistah Remy to “Get Your, It Together!” as host REVELATION will interview this loving Goddess as we embark on a very fascinating journey to self discovery, allowing a deeper understanding of the meaning behind original cosmological concepts as Sistah Remy chronicles the houses of the zodiac and their influences over our being. She will interpret the meanings behind the many images found in our dreams, the meanings behind chakras and their relevance, as well as secrets of the healing stones, numerological concepts and how they aid us in our waking moments to work in concert with the Universal Intelligence, which permeates all of existence. Sistah Remy is available for astrological readings and natal charts, which is the mapping of the stars in the heavens at your birth, among other things. You can email your requests enlisting her many holistically spiritual healing services, available at, as “The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed,” chapter XVI. We will also “Ponder the Poetry” and run the latest selection chosen. Also, if you would like to get on the mailing list, or submit poetry, hit us up on and call in to review a particular asset of your being and question Sistah Remy live on air.