Self Realization

Gyasi Ngozi

United States, EnglishSpirituality

This show is designed to give a clear understanding of SELF. Topics include economics,Health,Meditation,and disputing pseudo science/spirituality. This show is not about living up to the expectations of others.I will not be a prisoner to other people's emotions/opinions. My goal is to help those who have been mislead,misinformed,and misguided to take back their minds and began to cultivate their own personal perception about this life. There is but ONE SELF: Within the Self there are highs and lows.There are polarities,different ends of the same spectrum,and there is duality. We should have a clear focus,practice discipline,moderation,and come back to the middle.

On-Demand Episodes


First topic will be answering the question, what is conciousness from a scientific perspective? Second Topic will be Kemetic Cosmology: How Kemet (Egypt) inspired modern day science such as Biology,Chemistry,and Astro Physics. Last... more