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Wednesday 8 am. Let's explore the Spiritual community. What are some of the classes and events and how can you use what they are teaching. See how it applies to your everyday. We will feature teachers from the spiritual community to share their gifts and knowledge. For more information about the Spiritual Community visit our website SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com

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Saturday was an outstanding Abraham-Hicks workshop. There were some points that really resonated with me. There are some recent movies and television shows that are resonating as well. Let me tie some of these together for you. Let's... more

Tuning into the feelings of things. Playing with the observer part of you. Being deliberate in your day. Each of these actions on your part effect the movement of your day. The movement of the vibration that makes up your day. So much of... more

Finding Balance. Not looking for it. Finding it. Sometimes finding the answer youare looking for is all about the way you are asking the questions. Or the fact that you are asking and asking and not moving into the listening mode. Spirit... more

Spirit, God, your Angels, guides, All-That-Is, you find the word. It is always communicating with you. Are you open to the messages. Well today my messages were coming from spiders. Are you, listening? Enjoy your weekend.... more

Words are things.... they hold the vibration that draws to you your life experience. Choosing them wisely is important. You have all heard this before. You say you know it, but how careful are you of the words you use habitually during the day.... more

Lots of talk lately about bullying. Teachers bullying children. Children bullying children. Are you a bully? What is a bully? Are you a victim? Listen in on our discussion of this. We also talk about why things may seem a little rough right... more

Words words words. They each carry a vibration that is unique to the individual using it. Tune into the words you use and the feelings associated with them. If they do not feel good to you, choose some new ones. Choose words that feel... more

We are not here to escape back to Spirit. That is inevitable. It is about anchoring Spirit here in a more conscious way through our physical being. So many of you are doing just that. Bringing love and Spirit into your everyday. Into your... more

Tuning into the subtle nuances. As you work your spiritual path you move into higher vibrations that call your attention to old vibrations that need to be moved along. That can show up as life experiences, emotions run awry or physical... more

Great callers today. Thank you so much for being there and asking great questions. Today we discussed channeled meditations. Each of us are channels of Spirit. We are connected to Spirit/Soul. That loving energy flows through... more
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