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Most coaches do business in the virtual world. The internet has opened up possibilities and markets we couldn't have dreamed of. However, as much as doing business on the internet makes sense, the technology might not. It can be... more

For anyone who blogs or does anything that looks like blogging, everyone knows that fabulous, sparkly, intriguing, highly valuable content is one of the most important things. The other "most important" thing is consistency. This means... more

Management experts say that most businesses owners or managers spend 80 percent of their resources, time, money and energy on the parts of their businesses that aren't working well or are causing problems. That usually... more

To niche or not to niche, this is the question a lot of coaches are asking themselves. Marketing experts think you need to. Branding gurus say it's a must. However, there might be something deeper to address than just a niche. Having... more

One of the most important skills of a great coach is the ability to read between the lines. When a coach can intrepret what's not being said, or even notice what's not being said, the possibility for shift increases exponentially. There are... more

Clients usually hire a Law of Attraction coach for one thing. They're looking for help making miracles by leveraging deliberate creation. They are looking for someone with an advanced playbook. However, believe it or not, there are... more

Most people dream of being their own boss someday. It's one of the main reasons many people are drawn to coaching, myself included. Bottom line, I was never a good employee. Although being my own boss is a dream come... more

Success has many definitions. However you define it though, everyone wants to now to get it. Clients always want to know what the secret sauce is for success. It's the reason they look for a coach. Today we are going to talk secret tips... more

We're all human, having uniquely human experiences. Being a coach doesn't get you excused from challenges, upsets, and unplanned uh oh's... We have occassional financial challenges. We have accidents and heath problems. We... more

Seriously, there are so many ways to dump your own personal garbage in a client session I can hardly count them. It ranges from highly charged personal judgements, to a real bad day, and everything in between. The thing is... more