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One of the most frustrating things about the human experience is when you know you should be doing differently AND you know how, but for some reason you don't. You just keep repeating the same old behaviors that get you no... more

Coaching is by nature a results based practice. As coaches, we want to see our clients making progress and getting documented results. However, the reality of our work is, more times than not the work grows as time passes, even after we... more

In a sea of coaches that seem to thrive in a crowd, an introvert can feel like it's almost impossible to be heard over the noise. Some people can feel like getting seen is a bit like a popularity contest. However, as an introvert there are many... more

People do business where they feel seen, or important. No one wants to be just another number. In fact, people will pay more money to do business where they are treated exceptionally well. Studies have proved that over and over again.... more

Now that the dust has settled, where are you at with business planning for the new year? Do you feel inspired? Are you passionate? Are you excited for the possibilities? Do you have a plan for success? Today we are going to talk about... more

Sometimes marketing a coaching practice can feel very, very overwhelming. It can seem like empire building straight out of the gate. The pressure to play the numbers game can be very intense. How many clients do you have? How big is... more

We've all heard the hype about what you can make as a coach. We've also all heard the horror stories. So, what's the truth? How much can a coach really expect to make? Tune in today, because we're going to talk about the dollars... more

Have you ever found an LOA tool that worked magic for awhile, and then it sort of fizzled out? Have you ever wondered why? It's because the brain itself likes variety. New is often better. Finding new LOA tools, especially for business... more

As LOA coaches we spend a lot of time "redirecting" our clients away from their old stories. Whatever it is, if it's a story they don't like, or if it's hurting them, we ask them to look at it a different way, or not at all. We've been trained to do... more

We've all heard it, "If you build it, they will come." Except it's not always true. There are some brilliant coaches, that have created incredibly amazing things, that never see the light of day. Why? Because no one came. Things launched... more