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Welcome to Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut Shaming Podcast hosted by NYC based stand-up comedians, Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher. They spread their legs, now they're spreading the word that people should be able to sleep with whoever they want, whenever they want and not be ashamed or called sluts/whores/ho-bags/skanks/etc. The ladies roast themselves as well as their guests, comprised of the men they've slept with, comedians, sex workers, advice columnists, and more!

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This week, Corinne & Krystyna sit down with Andy Dick. The rest takes care of itself. E--mail us at Follow Andy on: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM @AndyDick FACEBOOK:... more

While Los Angeles might not be a place where women's words and men's views are as progressive as Corinne & Krystyna had hoped, it sure is full of sexiness and adventure! This week, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome MISTI... more

Fresh off their SOLD OUT show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood (THANK YOU!!), Corinne & Krystyna can't think of a better way to slide right back into the reality of their really weird lives than with a detailed conversation about... more

Welp, the girls of Sorry About Last Night beat the odds and survived their trip to Central Illinois with two drag queens and they have two bellies full of Cheddar's, a new appreciation for contouring, and some unforgettable Tinder experiences to... more

Neither Corinne nor Krystyna saw Fifty Shades of Grey this past Valentine's Day weekend -- C was busy hanging out alone and, well, let's just say K was all tied up. During this week's intro, religion and sex mix (or, rather, don't) as the girls... more

The gals of Sorry About Last Night will be packing their shit and coming to a town near you soon (well, I mean if you live in or near rural Illinois or LA), but before they do that it's time to verbally walk one loyal #fucker through the ins and... more

While Krystyna was rolling on Molly and getting a hand massage from a hot chick, Corinne was studying Super Bowl post-sex selfies and remembering why she initially instated her "No Fucking Celebrities" rule. This week, the girls... more

Within moments of having the apartment to herself, Krystyna breaks out her favorite wand to work some magic on her , while further uptown Corinne is bored to tears with all her regular sexters. Marked 'URGENT' in the GWF inbox, an... more

Not even a month into 2015 and already the Sorry About Last Night inbox is bursting with excitement! From fucking Dads (not your own, ew, gross) to the haters addicted to the podcast to 16-year-olds who have "never been fucked"... more

This week was really more like a weekend for Corinne and Krystyna. A weekend for TWEENS, that is!! Stalking cute androgynous band boys, sneaking into the big party at the comedy club they're technically "banned" from, letting the girls (K's... more