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Welcome to THE ANTI SLUT-SHAMING PODCAST. Each week, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) interview a gentleman they slept with. They want to make the world a more sex-positive candid story of intercourse at a time.

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Corinne's back from Montreal with a fresh serving of self-hate on her plate and even the sunshiney Krystyna can't convince her that she's doing great, but the mood at the table is still perky enough to discuss how to keep a fuck buddy and... more

After Krystyna finally gets word on whether or not her boyfriend is cool with her masturbating to other dudes and Corinne, while innocently trying to get an iced coffee, is greeted with the Harlem Boys Choir of getting pussy, the women of... more

After spending the night dancing on tables (and attempting bathroom sex) in a straight-turned-gay bar to celebrate Alfie's (From GWF Episode: "Did He Know You Were 14?") birthday, Corinne & Krystyna drag their sore asses into... more

The boob sweat. The frozen margaritas. That daunting need to fuck. It's Summer, folks! While Krystyna is even happier than usual from a toe-tingling sexual experience pre-podcast, Corinne finds herself being inundated on the internets... more

After surviving a weekend performing at Foxwoods Casino that included, but was not limited to, homeless youths from Montreal, pure alcohol vomit, and death, er, we mean HIKING trails, KRYSTYNA and CORINNE are back in the heart... more

This week, KRYSTYNA "recovering from the trauma of finding out she will not be going on a free 10-day cruise" HUTCHINSON and CORINNE "still doesn't know how to properly insert a tampon" FISHER dive nose first into a pile full... more

In a refreshing change of events, this week Krystyna borrows the "Barfs MaGee" crown normally worn by Corinne, but that doesn't stop the gals from throwing back a few Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas (WILL YOU BE OUR SPONSOR, PLZ??) as... more

On this episode of Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut-Shaming podcast, the women of Sorry About Last Night take a walk on the serious side. Corinne continues to excel at her favorite pastime: GETTING DUMPED and Krystyna is lucky enough... more

After taking a dip in the misogyny cesspool that was this past week, Corinne and Krystyna towel off just long enough to spout their views on the women's rights issues that have been on America's mind in recent days, namely last Friday's... more

Proving she is truly an evolved sexual being, this past weekend Krystyna introduced her boyfriend to a guy she used to fuck and also met his girlfriend while Corinne spent a rainy Friday night garnering herself some visible sexual... more