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Guide to Financial Peace provides financial professionals and their clients a group forum to investigate financial decisions, maximize short and long term performance, reduce stress and experience Financial Peace.

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How many times have we all heard to make more and spend less? What about maximizing the effectiveness of our existing dollars? Today No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Author Kim Butler are going to... more

On Today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Author Kim Butler continue their discussion on Saving the Right Way. Hint: Pretty much the traditional way we have all been taught is the wrong way! More info on Saving in... more

No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel investigates the When, How and Why to Save! We have all been told to save more and spend less, right? But is there a right way vs. a wrong way to save? According to Best Selling Author Kim Butler, the... more

No BS Money Todd Strobel welcomes special guest and Best Selling Author Steve Down. Steve is the one of the pioneers in the financial education industry and creator of The Financially Fit for Life Program. For over 25 years Steve... more

Today No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel interviews tax professional and author of Master Your Taxes Chris Anderson. Chris has been helping his clients to: Lower present taxes Create a strategy for future taxes Help clients to get back money... more

Financial lies are the stories we tell ourselves or believe to be true but really are NOT! It will never happen to me Too young to save-I will start later I can always payoff the credit cards later If my loan is approved I must be able to afford it I... more

Our website has been receiving quite a few questions over the last few weeks so we have decided to dedicate today's show to getting you the best possible financial answers and information! Join No BS money Guy Todd Strobel and... more

When asked about investment options most us immediately think: Stocks Bonds Real Estate These options combined are less than one third of available investments? WOW! so what are the other options and why are they not as... more

Is it ever a good idea to borrow from your retirement plan? What about borrowing from the cash value of your life insurance policy? Today No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel will be asking these questions and more when he interviews Best... more

No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel interviews special guest accountant, Chris Anderson. Chris is the President of Soulence Accounting and the creator of Master Your Taxes, an online education platform to help hard working Americans... more
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