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Giving It To You Raw is two women who are full of straight talk with a twist. Each week we invite a male guest host to sit on our virtual couch and tackle the uncomfortable topics. Join us on our quest for a purposeful existence, and the trouble we may find ourselves in along the way.

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Everyone wants to be famous, but many are not willing to put in the work. Most importantly, how many people are willing to pay the price of fame? Today we will talk with 20-year hip hop veteran Fleetwood, author of 'Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill... more

Breaking up is hard to do. Yet it has to be done. But is it possible to be friends with your ex? Do you think your new mate will understand your friendship? How can you be friends with your ex? Let's Talk About!!

This week another mass shooting took place. We all waited to see a picture of the shooter while silently hoping he was not black. The next question... "What made him do something like that? What made Chris Lighty, Lee Thompson... more

There is an age old rule, "Do not touch things that do not belong to you." Simple concept. Well this includes your mate's cellphone. But does the cellphone hold all the secrets? Is there a such thing as too much privacy that raises questions... more

Oh yes, there are many "Marriages" that exist today where SEX doesn't play any part. You may be wondering, how could people really be in "REAL" Marriages and NOT have sex? Well, we intend to discuss some common and also uncommon... more

This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of "The March on Washington." In 1963 the focus was Race Equality. Now, in 2013, inequalities far exceed race. How far have we progressed since 1963? Let's Talk About!

*cue Project Pat*-- We know this song is about saving women. HOWEVER... This applies to family, friends and signaficant others. Often times we throw out 'life preservers' in the sea of life to people who don't want to be saved. These are... more

Is it ever ok to tell a lie? Why do people sleep better at night knowing they have lied to you? Is a lie really better than truth? Does it take a certain level of maturity before people stop lying? To Lie or Not to Lie that is the question. Let's Talk... more

Many of us wonder why you don't date enough, get promotions or invited to certain events. Have you ever wondered if your "CHARACTER" working for you? Are you a kind person to be around? Often times it appears others are winning... more

Celibacy...is it possible and or is it worth it? It appears that everyone is claiming celibacy, but what is the motivation? Does it help a relationship? Is it for religious reasons? Or because of previous hurts. Whatever your reason for Celibacy...IS... more