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GSMC Technology Podcast

GSMC Technology Podcast


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Golden State Media Concepts’ Technology Podcast covers everything Tech. Whether you’re a fan of Apple, Android,or Microsoft, we'll give you an honest take.

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 doctors recommend the GSMC Technology Podcast? Ensuring you get your healthy dosage, Jonathan and Shay tell you about Plex, the controversy of Pepe the Frog, No Man’s Sky getting sued, and some Netflix... more

Today on technology Shay and Jonathan talk to you about Google’s self-driving car’s latest crash. Twitter is up for sale and its suitors might surprise you. Finally what you have all been waiting for: some hologram technology! Follow... more

On this extra special episode of the GSMC Technology Podcast our super hosts Jonathan and Shay talk about some cameras. They start off the show with the new iPhone camera grip known as Pictar. They also discuss Yi’s new ultra light... more

Today on the show Jonathan and Shay tell you about all the things you wished existed as a kid! The future is now and time travel is here, well sort of. The Perfect Memory is a camera that shoots in full 1080p and can record things that... more

Today on GSMC’s tremendous Technology Podcast Jonathan and Shay talk to you about some more serious technological advances. Firstly Jonathan talks to us about LA county’s new robot designed to disarm an armed criminal. They... more

Today on the show your favorite hosts Jonathan and Shay talk about serious security issues in the government’s cyber defenses. They also talk about a drone launching drone and a motorized wheelchair that stands upright. Finally they talk... more

There is a fire in our pants and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably responsible for it (get it, because they have been starting fires?). Jonathan and Shay also tell you about the official reveal of the new IPhone 7 and all... more

Today the mighty duo, Jonathan and Shay, bring you, the people, the best technology news Golden State Media Concepts has to offer! “What is this amazing tech news?” you may wonder. Well, today they give you tips on how to... more

Quick update your iPhone now! Turns out you can get spyware on your IOS device by simple click bait. Jonathan and Shay also talk about Apple’s impressive response time to the hack. They also discuss McDonald's Fitbit toys give kids... more

We here at GSMC have seen the future and it is… Scary!? Jonathan and Shay give it to you straight, Sofia the talking robot is just plain creepy. In other news EFF disses Microsoft, saying that the great software giant isn’t... more