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GSMC Relationship Podcast

GSMC Relationship Podcast


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Golden State Media Concepts’ Relationship Podcast is your one-stop shop for relationship questions. Tune in to hear about the crazy world of relationships.

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John talks about women and the emotional sexual needs they have. The topic of womens sexual needs being unmet as though they were a guy. How that would look.And how women go about dealing with this in ways that are different from... more

John talks about the subject of facing the loss of when an ex lover or partner dies. Some of the emotions you'll experience. If you have children how to help them cope. What about your present relationship if you have one and how will that be... more

John talks about what men think in terms of new sensual relationships with women. Pay particular attention to your own insecurities when it comes to new relationships and how these ideas may get projected on your new relationship.... more

John shares his views regarding how women should approach the task of dating men. How much to share, who pays, giving yourself time to reflect on the date before commiting yourself to something more. Being pragmatic is a very... more

John talks about one unassuming woman who had multple lovers. She explains her unapologetic desire to love and not be tied down by enjoying the variety in her life. As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the... more

John talks about the concept of faux (fake) relationships or fauxships. the idea that we've created something of a conections with someone else seems special but do you still feel a sense of emptyness? As if the other person... more

John talks about good sex and nothing else kinda relationship. Where the expectations tend to want something more because were naturallly desireous of more when something good comes along. What happens when... more

John talks about a couple of situations in which some friends have experiences losses and how to be there in support of a person who's experienced the loss of a loved one. As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the... more

John talks about why sex isnt the aswer to all your relationship problems.. Your needs help establish what your realtionship deal breakers will be.Those wont be overridden by temporary fixes of which sex often times becomes the bandaid or... more

John talks about the type of encounter we all have at some point in which the scenario plays out that you lose your cool and say things you would regret. ln John's case the situation was front loaded with old history. Eventually wisdom... more