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Come listen to Gryph gripe about news, politics, and whatever else strikes him as noteworthy.

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Douglas V. Gibbs of "The Political Pistachio" will be joining us today to talk about life, death, tragedy and redemption -- and it will all be true!

Health in "Indian Country," or lack thereof? We'll talk about this and whatever else comes up, with Gryph and Shelli D. Also, tune in for a half-hour-long interview with the godfather of news aggragation, Mister Andrew Brietbart.

Doug is joining us today to talk about Michael Jackson and the state of modern celebrity, the Waxman-Markey cap-and-fraud bill, and whatever other bits of profundity and wisdom we can come up with.

This week, we will discuss, at length, the Iranian protests and the prospects for democracy in the Middle East. We will also discuss shenanigans in North Korea with the Kang Nam and ballistic missiles aimed at Hawaii.

President Obama has challenged his detractors to come up with an alternative to his socialized medicine scheme. Someone may have finally figured it out. Also, we'll talk about executive pay caps, and "tools in the news."

Freedom is the buzzword! We are going to talk about glycemic drinks, socialized health care, and white-nose bat syndrome.

For our first half of this week's show, we'll discuss the Sonia Sotomayor nomination, and the death of George Tiller. Do the Republicans have the steelies to stand up for what's right? What implications does Tiller's death have for... more

Another hour of fantastic punditry with Gryph and Shelli D. This week, we talk about "Obamanomics" and the "two-dollar hamburger." How might policy from Washington D.C. ultimately affect your pocketbook? Tune in to find out.

What does "universal healthcare" entail? Could it possibly be dangerous, or could it be better than our system now? Tune in for a conservative perspective with Gryph and Shelli.

We'll talk about news of the day, as well as what we think about it. Spirited debate between two constitutional conservatives on the news of the day as well as the big issues.