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Charlene Burke

GROW Because You Know


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You are a business owner - You are more than your thoughts - You are more than your spirit - You are more than your physical appearance - You are more than emotions - You are greater than the sum of all of these : That is why this program will talk about ideas, tips, programs, books, and more that will help you to - Grow Your Heart - Grow Your Mind - Grow Your Business | We'll discuss doing things On Purpose, With Purpose | We'll meet interesting people doing interesting things with their lives | We'll learn how to Be More from those who share their growth journey | This program is where I have conversations with interesting people who are doing interesting thing - Authors, business owners, coaches, consultants, professors, innovators, scientists, doctors, thinkers, and more. | People must KNOW before they can GROW professionally or personally. | The guests are sharing something that will help you, the listener, to either Grow Your Heart, Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Business | Charlene Burke is an Information Professional with a range of interests and a high level of curiosity. | Often saying She Has a Need to Know about everything. | Always in "learning" mode, she seeks to understand so that she can connect others with the information and knowledge they need to grow.

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